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Cat Grooming? No Problem!

BBB owner, Theresa Tubesing, does cat grooming by appointment only. Theresa is has a special knack for grooming cats. She is careful yet efficient, ensuring your kitty's safety through the entire process. Whether your cat needs matted fur shaved off, a cute trim up, or a bath, trust that we will provide skilled and attentive care throughout the entire process.

Cat grooming: (hair trimming of any amount) $25

Cat bathing: $25

Cat nail trim: $7

Cat groom & bath: $50

*If sedation is necessary, we have a monthly appointment with TLC veterinary hospital, so we can safely and humanely groom your kitty. (additional pricing)

Cat Boarding

Cats are welcome boarders, here at Bed Bath & Biscuits. We have customized and comfortable kitty condos, which provide a balanced amount of seclusion and entertainment for our feline friends. 

Required Vaccinations:


-Tested negative for Feline Leukemia

Cat boarding: 

-One cat $15 per night

Two cats, same condo, half off second cat $15 + $7.50 = $22.50 per night

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